Thomas Saves the Day is an eighth season episode.


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Upon arrival at the new station, Thomas is told by the Fat Controller to take Annie and Clarabel to the Fitter's Yard, and he begins to panic that he won't be able get around the difficult bend without them. Whilst taking other coaches to drop off the workmen, Thomas goes too fast around the difficult bend and crashes into some bushes. After being rescued, Thomas sets off for home when he sees some runaway trucks heading towards the new station. Quickly, Thomas gives chase and manages to overtake them. At the dificult bend, Thomas remembers Annie and Clarabel's advice and gets around it safely on his own. Once at the new station, Thomas warns the signalman who changes the points and sends the trucks into a siding, just outside the new station. The next day is the grand opening of the station, and Thomas is happy that the difficult bend isn't difficult anymore.

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  • When the trucks smash into the buffers, an extra truck appears.
  • The fact that the signalman needed to change the points is illogical since the trucks would have most likely rolled right through the station and not damage anything.
  • The trucks should have come off the rails at the difficult bend.
  • Thomas has taken other coaches before, so he shouldn't have been worried about missing Annie and Clarabel.