Thomas and Bertie, retitled Thomas and Bertie's Great Race in American releases, is the fourteenth episode of the first season.

In the US, it aired on the Shining Time Station episodes Agree to Disagree in 1989 and Field Day in 1991.


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Thomas meets Bertie, the bus who took his passengers home after he crashed into a snowdrift. Bertie claims to be faster than Thomas; Thomas denies his claim, and to settle the matter they decide to have a race. Bertie manages to stay in front for the majority of the race, but Thomas passes him at the tunnel and barely wins.

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[edit] TriviaEdit

  • In both Ringo Starr versions, Thomas and Bertie whistle and honk at each other respectively in the very first shot. This is absent in the George Carlin version.

[edit] GoofsEdit

  • Thomas has one of Percy's faces on as he puffs into Elsbridge.
  • The plane seen as Thomas leaves Dryaw has a clear disc for the propeller.
  • The narrator says, "...the road left the railway..." but there was a road right next to Thomas, and in the Let's Have a Race music video Bertie is on the road next to Thomas at one point.
  • When Thomas crosses the bridge Annie is facing the wrong way.
  • At one point Thomas is on Toby's old tramway puffing through Arlesdale End.
  • Annie and Clarabel keep changing positions throughout the race, and Clarabel is the wrong way round for the majority of the race.
  • At the beginning of this episode when Thomas meets Bertie, his sticker is messed up a bit.
  • When Thomas and Bertie start their race, a camera's shadow can be seen.
  • Studio equipment can be seen when Thomas pulls into Ffarquhar.